Fabrizio Petri published this articles on "Qui Libri" magazine, January-February 2015

Download this file (QuiLibri.pdf)Omosessualità: l’incontro con l’altro sulla strada del Mahatma Ghandi[Fabrizio Petri's article on "Qui Libri" magazine]178 kB

Fabrizio Petri published this article on "Reset" magazine , 22 December 2014

Ramin Jahanbegloo: Time Will Say Nothing. A Philosopher Survives an Iranian Prison

Fabrizio Petri published this article on "Global Policy Journal" , 7th August 2012  

Gandhi, Popper and Internet: a renewed relation between Individuality and Altruism

Fabrizio Petri published this article on "India International Center Journal IIC Quarterly", indian magazine, summer edition 2014.

Download this file (02_IIC_Petri.pdf)GANDHI, JUNG AND NONVIOLENCE TODAY [The Relevance of the Feminine in the Network - Article by Fabrizio Petri]64 kB

Fabrizio Petri published these articles on "Reset" magazine.

Download this file (Art Cons Petri.pdf)A scuola di pluralismo nell'Ashram di Ghandi[Fabrizio Petri's article for the "Reset" magazine]1177 kB
Download this file (Art.Petri04.12.09.pdf)Ghandi, pacifista londinese[Fabrizio Petri's article for the "Reset" magazine]1196 kB